Media release

Tree felling not the way to protest

Release: July 2007

The Environmental Farmers Network is disappointed with the news that a small group of farmers have resorted to the damaging tactic of felling trees as a form of protest against legislation designed to protect native vegetation.

The majority of landholders do recognise the value of native vegetation on their properties and are doing the right thing to preserve and protect these areas of their farms with little reward or recognition.

Farmers are also business people and need to make an economic return from the land.  Landholders ideally should be adequately rewarded for the environmental services they provide to the general community by retaining and improving the quality of native vegetation and wetlands on private land.

While it is reasonable for farmers to be compensated in some way for preserving native vegetation and wetlands destroying the very thing that the Native Vegetation laws  are designed to protect is not the way to achieve this goal.


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