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Biolinks and Habitat 141 Project

Release: 22 November 2010

The Environmental Farmers Network strongly supports the State
Government's announcement made on Friday November 19 that if re-elected it would invest seven million dollars in developing biolinks and restoring ecosystems as part of the proposed Habitat 141 project.

The biolink has been proposed in the west of the State reaching into South Australia and southern NSW. Much of the area was cleared for cropping and includes some marginal farming areas.

Ross McDonald an executive member of EFN and farmer in the proposed biolink area says that EFN has been lobbying Government to invest in native biodiversity on farms for some time and this announcement is consistent with its aims of farming sustainably whilst preserving and improving the quality of our native fauna and flora on farms.

Ross says farmers of the future will be providing ecosystem services for the Public, not just producing food and fibre but fixing carbon, establishing biolinks and protecting wetlands and waterways. Farmers will need to be rewarded for these services as they are as vital to our well being as having an ample food supply.

Some farmers already receive payments for protecting waterways and biodiversity and fixing carbon and Governments need to assist more farmers to join this new green economy by creating and financially supporting the concept of ecosystem services.

Ross McDonald
Spokesperson on Habitat 141 issues
Environmental Farmers Network
Phone 03 5392 2693


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