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Opposition to cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park

Release: 30 November 2010

Environmental Farmers Network members totally oppose the new State Government plans to reintroduce cattle grazing to the high country as a fuel reduction measure. The former Labour Government legislated to end the practice in the Alpine National Park, but grazing remains in those areas classified as State Parks, leaving the tradition of the mountain cattlemen to continue.

To re-introduce cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park is environmental vandalism and will undo rehabilitation works undertaken since the cattle were removed. Bogs have been replanted, erosion areas repaired and the general environment allowed to heal.

The Coalition will face many hurdles to enact its wish, not the least being the high country now has National Heritage Listing.

Decades of scientific evidence has rebuffed the cattlemen’s claims that grazing reduces fire risk in the Alps, in fact the opposite is true. The recent Royal Commission into the Black Saturday bushfires, one of the most extensive investigations ever conducted on a fire, made no recommendation endorsing fuel reduction by grazing. And neither did the Esplin Report following the 2003 alpine fires.

The National Parks Act states that the primary aim for national parks is the protection and preservation of the natural environment. The Alpine National Park is either a national park or a cattle run, it can’t be both. The coalition needs to act responsibly and not pander to a tiny minority who have profited through minimal rentals at the expense of the health of a pristine natural environmental owned by all Australians.

Tom Guthrie
Primary Producer Member
Environmental Farmers Network
Phone 03 5354 6245

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