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Hindmarsh Shire roadside copping

Release: 25 November 2010

The Councillors of the Hindmarsh Shire are to be congratulated on their decision to stop the annual cropping of roadsides. Cropping destroys remnant vegetation on roadsides and roadsides often have the last example of local native species in a district.

Ross McDonald, Environmental Farmers Network “Biolinks” Representative and local farmer says “the roadways in the Wimmera Mallee region are valuable connecting links between areas of remnant vegetation in a largely cleared landscape. In some cases they are the only remnants and their preservation is crucial if we are to protect what is left of our natural heritage”.

“The protection provided by Hindmarsh Shire will complement and add much value to the Habitat 141 Biolink Project. The Biolink is supported by the State Government, Philanthropic Organisations, Greening Australia, Catchment Management Authorities, Landcare and Community organisations.”

Ross also congratulates the Councillors of the Hindmarsh Shire, in particular Mayor, Mick Gawith, for providing strong leadership on issues relating to natural resource management. Mick has been staunch in opposing diversions of water for recreational use, and allowing the flows in the Wimmera River to make their way to Lake Hindmarsh for the first time in 15 years.

This recognition of environmental values is having huge benefits within the community.

Ross McDonald
Spokesperson on biolinks and Habitat 141 issues
Environmental Farmers Network
Phone 03 5392 2693

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