Media release

Newly formed 'Voices for the Murray-Darling' alliance

Release: 28 June 2011

The Environmental Farmers Network has joined a diverse alliance of voices calling for a Murray Darling Basin Plan based on credible science to save the nation’s lifeblood.

The Voices for the Murray-Darling and the website brings together many organisations and individuals with such diverse interests as farming, irrigation and fishing industries, conservation, human health and grassroots advocacy from across Australia.

The websites petition calls for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and its chairman, Craig Knowles, to return enough water to the Basin's rivers to ensure that future generations can enjoy a healthy and sustainable river system. A river system that will maintain the Basins productive capacity for communities into the future.

The Basin Plan must ensure the Murray Darling System receives sufficient flows to achieve a sustainable healthy productive asset base.
It would be pointless ignoring peer reviewed scientific flow recommendations and maintaining the basin on nothing more than life support, in the hope the next generation will fin
d a way.

John Pettigrew
Water spokesperson

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