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Key outcomes that "Voices for the Murray-Darling Alliance" are seeking from the Basin Plan

Release: 11July 2011

On 27 June, the Voices for the Murray-Darling Alliance launched its website and petition – please sign if you haven’t already. (see

Today we have ‘Key Outcomes’, a document endorsed by members of the Alliance from across the Basin states. This is what we are saying must be in a Basin Plan.

The Basin Plan must be based on credible, peer-reviewed science and processes used to develop and implement the Basin Plan must be robust and transparent.

The Basin Plan must return a minimum of 4000 GL of water to environmental flows in order to restore the ecological health and resilience of the Basin’s river systems.

The Basin Plan must provide sufficient water to enable the Basin's 2 million tonnes of salt and other pollutants to be flushed through the Murray Mouth to the ocean.

The Basin Plan must provide optimal flows so that essential ecosystem services and functions are maintained throughout the Basin including:

  • nutrient cycling and other river forming processes; and
  • over bank flows to maintain wetlands and other floodplain habitats; and
  • recharge of groundwater systems and alluvial aquifers.

The Basin Plan must acknowledge indigenous rights in cultural flows as integral to the Plan.

The Basin Plan must represent value for the $10 billion of Australian tax-payers’ money allocated to help communities adjust to the change by ensuring that policies, management frameworks and evaluation methods deliver tangible environmental outcomes, now and into the future.

The Basin Plan must have clear and transparent targets that trigger the revision of management frameworks, evaluation methods and adoption of improved scientific understanding.

Please sign the petition:

John Pettigrew
Bunbartha. Victoria

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