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Action on climate change

Release: 10 July 2011

The Environmental Farmers Network strongly supports the Australian Government’s action to address climate change. Both a price on carbon and the Carbon Farming Initiative address the damaging impacts of climate change.

Under the new arrangements farmers will not be liable for their emissions but will be able to sell carbon credits. The companion Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) will enable farmers to get credits for a broad range of practices that cut pollution, make efficiency savings and store carbon. Linked to a carbon price, the CFI could see hundreds of polluting firms paying farmers for solutions to climate change. This gives Australian farmers a head start, a competitive edge, and an opportunity to sell their know-how to the world.

The CFI will encourage farmers to change management practices to increase the amount of carbon stored on farm in soils and vegetation. It will also encourage farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from land and livestock.

We also welcome the Government’s recognition that biodiversity is an important component of sustainable farming by announcing an associated Biodiversity Fund to encourage retention, management and establishment of native vegetation in farming landscapes.

Australian farmers continually manage risk. Traditional agriculture will be at high risk with climate change as we experience progressively more frequent storms and longer dry periods. Farmers now have a framework within which they can play a role in action to minimise climate change and its adverse consequences in the current century.

John Pettigrew
Spokesperson on climate change

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