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Farmers support minor floods

Release: 24 December 2011

The MDBA Draft basin Plan has severely limited the amount of water that can be delivered to the Murray Darling on the basis that they are unable to flood private property, amongst other so called "constraints”.

The Australian Floodplain Association has organised a voluntary flood easement scheme as an illustration to the MDBA of landholder for support for limited minor flooding of private land where appropriate.

The Floodplain Graziers have already pledged over a million acres of voluntary flood easements, so the Murray Darling Basin Authority can restore healthy rivers and healthy communities without worrying about being sued.

This is of particular interest to Landholders on the Goulburn River between Eildon and Seymour as the achievement of minor flood flows are precluded in the Draft Plan.

Landholders have, for almost one hundred years received flood protection by the Eildon Storage and it would seem appropriate as a measure to restore some of the rivers previous health they would consider the creation of easements.

The ongoing health of this stretch of the Goulburn River needs at least these minor floods to maintain floodplain fertility, river health and provide natural eco-system services.

It is important that the MDBA understand that landholders are willing to assist in restoring flows
to our rivers.

The broader community should also understand that not all farmers are against flooding private property and that a decent Basin Plan can accommodate flooding of private property where appropriate.


John Pettigrew
Irrigator and spokesperson for EFN

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