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A strong Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Release: 26 October 2012

The announcement by Prime Minister Gillard that her Government intends to legislate for a Plan that will deliver security to the river and the communities that depend on it is welcomed by the Environmental Farmers Network (EFN)

The volume of 3200GL is important to achieve a majority of the environmental targets set by the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) for the rivers icon sites.  Whilst some targets remain unachieved and others achieved but remaining at various levels of risk, this is recognition that the volume of 2750GL previously planned failed to meet the outcomes set out in the Water Act 2007.

We also welcome the aim to reduce constraints to the delivery of these environmental flows which will enable the most effective delivery of environmental flows and maximize the environmental outcomes.

EFN has always believed it is in Australia’s national interests that the Federal Parliament approves a strong Basin Plan in its current term.  A Plan that has bi-partisan support, addresses over a century of over-allocation, division between the States on critical water policy, achieves a healthy working river and ultimately, healthy, sustainable communities.

John Pettigrew
Water Spokesperson

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