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Letter to Editor (Weekly Times) sent: 8 February 2013

To blame the carbon tax for all price increases for power bills is misleading as it overlooks higher infrastructure charges which comprise the bulk of the increases.  Price increases due to the carbon tax amount to approximately 10% and any customer being charged blatantly in excess of this under the guise of carbon tax should refer the case to the ACCC.

Renewable energy was also targeted as increasing power costs ignoring the role it has played in reducing demand for power. Demand for power in Victoria is at eight year lows and is reflected in lower wholesale prices of electricity purchased by distribution companies.

Irrigators this year are using more water and power as we return to a more normal year, the first in over a decade following drought and more recently wet seasons. Many irrigators have also been involved in water efficiency programs and moved towards energy intensive pipe and riser, underground dripper and centre pivot systems, all adding to power bills.

To simply blame the price on carbon for all farming ills and ignore the many other serious issues facing primary production is not going to lead to the many changes required for farming into the future. Putting a price on carbon will assist with addressing climate change impacts and create new farming opportunities across Australia.

John Pettigrew
Energy spokesperson

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