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Get brumbies out of the Barmah Forest

Date : 18 February 2015

Andrew Bradey, President of Environmental Farmers Network says our EFN members are strongly opposed to the recent decision by the Victorian Government to leave brumbies in the Barmah National Park as stated in the Age on Wednesday 18th February. These animals are not native and cause much damage to fragile wetlands and impact on all sorts of wildlife dependent on wetlands. “Why would the Government remove cattle from the high country and leave brumbies in the wetlands”? said Andrew. This action makes no environmental sense. Surely the Victorian Government has an obligation to protect natural values of our landscape. We understand that the Minister was requested to order a stop to the removal of the brumbies by members of the Shooters and Fishers Party.

“This decision will diminish the beneficial effects of hard won environmental water that maintains ecosystems impacted by water impoundment upstream and subsequent irrigation practices that remove natural flows. Brumbies could and should be removed and placed on private land to maintain the bloodline. This would allow greater control of numbers and be far more sustainable whilst protecting our natural heritage…the magnificent red gum woodlands and wetlands along the floodplain”.

The recently formed Barmah Brumby Preservation Group states that removing the horses will unbalance the ecosystem. However the brumbies are an introduced species and do not have any major predators in Australia. Removing them will allow a more natural ecosystem to emerge. In fact removing the brumbies will allow the natural ecosystem to recover.


Andrew Brady

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