President's Report - October 2017

Over the past year EFN has exhibited something of a dual personality. South of the divide it has been relatively quiet, while in the Murray Darling Basin it has been anything but quiet.
The partnerships which were set up when the MDB plan was first released seven years ago are still going strong. The ENGOs value having a credible organisation such as EFN which can provide and agricultural perspective to the on-going debates there. The partnership, The Lifeblood Alliance, is doing great things. Most of these things fall under the category of pressuring politicians to implement the policies they have adopted and keep the promises they have made. Right now, there is considerable pressure on politicians to duck their responsibilities. One of the recent fruits of The Lifeblood Alliance is the ABC’s Four Corners program which highlighted water theft in northern NSW.
For those of us who are not directly involved in this on-going campaign, it is imperative to keep EFN in good shape so that we can support this good work in the MDB and to be ready to take on other issues as they arise elsewhere.
Peter Forster has indicated that at this meeting he will be stepping down from his role as Secretary/treasurer. Peter has been doing this job since EFN was established in 2005. Through his untiring efforts he has been the backbone of the organisation by keeping up a steady stream of correspondence to the members and supporters. He has alerted us to government enquiries and activities of relevance to us, and has reliably responded for EFN.
Peter’s resignation will leave a big gap, which may take a while to fill. Peter has indicated that he is prepared to hold the position for a few more months while we recruit someone to replace him. His will be big shoes to fill.
On behalf of EFN I would like to thank Peter for the great work he has done as secretary-treasurer over the past 12 years. Peter is remaining on the executive of EFN and we will continue to draw on his considerable talents there.

Andrew Bradey,


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