Our Policies :

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Native vegetation retention


To encourage the protection and enhancement of native vegetation on farms, and in farming areas.

Background and rationale

The Environmental Farmers Network acknowledges that native vegetation provides many services to the landholder and the broader community. As well as providing shelter for stock, it helps to mitigate dryland salinity and control wind and water erosion and water logging, it captures carbon and improves water quality as well as providing habitat for native birds and animals.
EFN recognises that many types of native vegetation have been significantly depleted by landuse change over the past 160 years and many types are under threat of complete extinction.

Policy action

EFN will:

  • Seek the support of Federal, State and Local Government agencies in assisting landholders implement sustainable practices.
  • Encourage Federal and State Governments to establish market based mechanisms that trade in ecosystem services so that landholders can be rewarded for providing services that benefit the broader community eg carbon trading.
  • Promote the adoption of environmental best practice on farms through farm planning which acknowledges the importance of native vegetation.
  • Increase awareness in both urban and rural communities of the importance of native vegetation.
  • Encourage research to identify beneficial uses of native vegetation eg low input grazing systems.


  • Protect and retain a functional representation of native vegetation in the State
  • No net loss of native vegetation


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