Our Policies :

Members and friends are invited to study these policies and provide advice on improvements and additions.



To achieve efficient utilisation of water in the landscape with adequate and appropriate allocation for environmental flows in our stream and river systems

Background and rationale

Water resources in many catchments are being consumed at unsustainable levels.
Ensuring ongoing river health and water quality for this and future generations will depend on our ability to equitably share this resource among the competing parties including the environment.
All segments of our community have a role if not an obligation to play a role in the protection and enhancement of our riverine environment.

Operational Policy

EFN will work to promote the following:

  • Efficient use of water in rural, urban and industrial segments of our community.
  • Water use measurement for all entitlement holders.
  • The return of flows to our stressed rivers and streams and the need to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of environmental flows.
  • Recovered environmental water entitlements and stream flow management plans for rivers and streams.
  • Improved farm management techniques and revegetation to improve water quality.
  • Recycling of waste water by rural and urban users.
  • Fencing and agreed stock management plans for rivers and streams with Crown Land frontages for the protection of water quality for downstream users and river health.


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