Policy Formation

Governance and transparent policy setting is essential for member confidence and organizational effectiveness.

EFN has reviewed and considered various policy setting models in common use by similar organizations.

Practicality, membership involvement and equity were our key selection criteria.

The selected framework incorporates committee leadership and member participation as follows


  1. Policies, or amendments to existing policies, are initiated by members.
  2. The committee, or a member at the invitation of the committee, will put together an issues paper that includes a recommended policy.
  3. The tabled paper will be circulated to all members for comment.
  4. The committee will again review the recommended policy taking into consideration the comments of members.
  5. The committee will formally circulate a draft policy.
  6. The final draft will be put to the membership for adoption by poll.
  7. Voting will be conducted electronically or by mail.
  8. To become official EFN policy a majority of votes cast in favor of the draft is required.
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