To:Submission to the Greater Shepparton City Council; Proposed Amendment C121 & the Regional Rural Land Use Strategy.

Made: 17 April 2011

The temptation to allow subdivision of productive farm land for low density residential use is always great. The short-term benefits of inflated land prices and increased rate revenue are difficult to look past for sellers, buyers, real estate agents, land ‘developers’ and local government. The massive, long term, ongoing costs of depressed agricultural production, uncertain land prices and the costs of provision of services to widely dispersed homes are easily overlooked.
The proposed Amendment C121 to the planning scheme by the Greater Shepparton City Council has taken the long term, wise view and sought to control the damaging effects of sub-division on the rural economy and its productive base. 
Zoning regulations which clearly and firmly delineate rural from urban areas are vital for the long term prosperity of regional cities. such as Shepparton. Too much of our most valuable and productive farm-land is lost to urban sprawl.
The Environmental Farmers Network strongly supports this far-sighted amendment.

Andrew Bradey

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