To:Murray Darling Basin Authority
re: Draft Basin-wide environmental watering strategy
(see MDBA information)

Date : 26 September 2014

The Environmental Farmers Network (EFN) endorses the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s (MDBA) Basin wide strategic approach on delivering outcomes for environmental improvement of rivers and wetlands.
We believe a key to any strategy are the objectives and targets. We consider the Basin-wide environmental watering strategy objectives and targets need to be more aspirational and strengthened to take into account the low condition rating of the floodplain forests, migratory water birds and fish either following drought or resultant of long term water diversions.
The targets pertaining to the lower lake systems will be critical in the communities judgment in assessing the success or otherwise of the Plan and should be reinforced and supported by upstream targets.
Adaptive management is welcomed and the recognition that all water in the system can be used to deliver environmental outcomes. Important to the adaptive management is the inclusion of local communities, something that not all States do well and should be considered.
The delivery of environmental flows should wherever possible enhance the natural pattern in the seasonality of flows and take precedence over other interests.

John Pettigrew
EFN Water Spokesperson

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