To: Department Environment Land Water & Planning.
Submission on review of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act

Made: 15 March 2017

How do you think we should improve the FFG Act?

EFN supports the recommendations to improve the Act and make it more effective. However we urge the State Government to properly resource the implementation as this has been a major reason for short comings of the existing Act in protecting Victoria’s biodiversity.

To be more effective the review should address broader regulatory issues outside the scope of this review. For example the failure of the native vegetation regulations to properly control clearing on private land and provide real offsets and other Government programs which have a very large impact on biodiversity: for example Vic Roads Western Highway duplication (cultural heritage damage, damage to farming landscapes and destruction of very old habitat trees), Vic Forests impacts on central Victorian ash forests ( home of the endangered Leadbeater Possum) and urban sprawl impacting on endangered Volcanic Plains grasslands in northern and western areas on the outskirts of Melbourne.

In section 4 EFN does not agree that equal weight be given to the environment, social and economic objectives - we rely on the environment to maintain our existence and that social and economic considerations depend on what the environment has created.

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