To: Political Candidates and other interested parties -2022 Federal Election

Advocating for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Made: 5 April 2022

EFN, along with many other environmentally aware organisations, is a member of the Lifeblood Alliance.

As the Alliance says on its website :

"The Lifeblood Alliance speaks up for the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin, and advocates for policies and actions to revive the rivers, wetlands, ecosystems and communities along the many creeks, rivers and lakes."

The Alliance is most concerned that implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan has been corrupted by the lack of due diligence and action by federal and state governments

They have prepared 5 briefs on different aspects of how the Plan has been derailed and solutions to get it back on track.

They are as follows:

A click on any one of these will deliver you to the pertinent document on the Lifeblood Alliance website. You can navigate to the others from within that site, or you can hit the return arrow and renavigate from this page

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